The Order of The Self Self
Self Empowerment Learning Fraternity® (SELF) is a nonprofit fraternity whose members share their knowledge and experiences in order to foster self-awareness and personal growth. We believe that the answer to the world's problems lies in ordinary people taking responsibility for themselves. More about us.

Our Websites present information on various historical, political, and scientific topics to reveal what has been lost, hidden, misunderstood, or distorted. We know that this promotes personal and global understanding and development. Only through a common understanding of our humanity, together with a committment to increasing personal integrity, can our personal and global conflicts be resolved.

We provide personnel for Lectures, Panel Discussions, Television and Radio programs, Private Counseling and Self-Development Workshops.

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We cannot respond to every request for membership. To become a member a) you must desire to develop within our guidelines and b) an existing member must be willing to work with you. Join one of our forums and start engaging the issues there.
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